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Now I'm working on

Now I'm working on a heavy machinery..

Blender add-on: YetiTools 0.10.6

Restrict/Allow viewport selection on selected layers
Show/Hide wire on selected objects
Repeat last operations (selected from Info bar) for all selected objects
Apply Union Boolean to all selected objects
Smart UV Project for selected objects
Select objects by Pass Index (PI)
Assign Pass Index (PI) to selected objects
Make Compositing node group for exporting passes separately
GL Render mask for selected objects
Adjust camera transforms for exporting to Unreal Engine via FBX 6.1 ASCII
Rename materials by textures names
Batch Export selected objects to FBX files

Tools we use at yeTiVision studio..

Blender add-on: Unreal Camera

Adjusting Blender camera for exporting to Unreal Engine via FBX 6.1 ASCII..

Graduation Reel @ Scream School

Music: MIYAVI vs KREVA - Strong (Instrumental Version)

I've been studying visual effects at Scream School for two happy years.. Here's a collection of works I've done being a student..


my fluid simulation for an upcoming commercial, composed by Den Gheiko
Featured on BlenderNation