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Now I'm working on

Now I'm working on my second game..

Polemic: Characters

Characters of 'Polemic', a tabletop card game I'm working on..

Take a look at pages on Vkontakte and Facebook..

Blender add-on: Ori

A little handy button I made for aligning local transforms to custom orientation without visually transforming the objects.


Model made for production of an actual object using CNC..

Here's the result:

FPAH: Foul Play Air Hockey

In spare time I've been making my first game for iPad using Godot Game Engine, Blender and GIMP..

FPAH (Foul Play Air Hokey) is a player-versus-player air hockey you can play as foul as you want:
- Lead your mallet on the whole rink, not just on your side.
- Throw your mallet.
- Snatch mallet from the opponent's hand.
- Fight for the puck at the boards.
- Bring the skittle!

Hope you enjoy it! = )
Please take a look if you don't mind: FPAH on the App Store

UPD: Game just got the first review! = )

UPD: iPhone Edition is here: FPAH (iPhone Edition) on the App Store


Portable Automatic External Defibrillator concept..
My exercise in parametric modeling.. = )
Modeled in FreeCAD, rendered in Blender Cycles..

Blomus Cino

Exercise in parametric modeling.. = )
Modeled in FreeCAD, rendered in Blender Cycles..


A wooden hut I made for russian film in some different environment.. = )

Time Slice Test

Some R&D for recent project.. Wrote Blender add-on for performing time slicing with motion blur.. Soon I'll share this add-on.. = )


Product visualization for DO-RA.Q in blister packs for retail..
Package design by K2D
Client: Intersoft Eurasia


Concept design for a keychain-size dosimeter-radiometer based on printed circuit board..
Client: Intersoft Eurasia

Police Drone

"God forbid to see russian riot, senseless and merciless.."
Concept for a spontaneous sci-fi short film.. = )